• Our President and CEO, Catherine Birley understands that business is better when it’s like a family, having grown up in this Family Owned and Operated Senior Care Business the tie is close to her heart.

  • Catherine became the President and CEO of American Retirement Homes, and AmeriCare Plus in 1999. She is still very much part of her Family's company participating in day-to-day operations and events and today, this "Team Teal Family" operates State wide under her direction and from every Manager to Caregiver; we are still one big family.

  • Catherine attended Virginia Commonwealth University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Merchandising with a minor in Marketing.

Catherine Birley,

President & CEO

A Virginia Tradition

AmeriCare Plus knows a lot about family. Catherine's father James saw a need in Virginia years before it was popular. James and his wife Elizabeth founded what came to be the first Assisted Living Facility in Virginia and grew it into what was at one time the largest senior living chain in the state.  


At AmeriCare Plus, we are family taking care of your family. AmeriCare Plus was started in 1995 by our parent company American Retirement Homes. American Retirement Homes is a family owned and operated management company that has been recognizing and adapting to meet the needs of Virginia Seniors since 1968. Having amassed over 40 years of experience in the senior industry. We like to think of ourselves as more of a Virginia tradition than simply a business.

Proudly Partnered with and accredited by:

Virginia Association of Personal Care Providers