Jan Bradly

Agency Manager

Jan Bradly joined the AmeriCare Plus Bedford Team in 2016 as the Agency Manager, bringing over 7 years of Senior Care experience to the position.  Jan enjoys all the community engagement AmeriCare Plus Bedford is involved with through local civic and community organizations.  Halloween is a favorite holiday as she participates with her children, grandchildren, team teal caregivers, and the community; bringing all her favorite people together for the greater good of all, just as she does daily with her agency!

Teresa Tyler

Staffing Coordinator

Teresa Tyler has the honor of opening the AmeriCare Plus Bedford office in 2011 as the Agency Manager. After successfully getting the Agency up and running she transitioned to the part time Staffing Coordinator.  Teresa has proudly been providing care to the community ever since and enjoys her role in starting and furthering the career of her team teal caregivers.  Throughout her tenure with the AmeriCare Plus Bedford, Teresa has enjoyed local community engagement through the Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations.  At the end of 2019 Teresa will be retiring from her Staffing Coordinator position and will continue on in an office support role on an as needed basis for Team Teal Bedford.

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AmeriCare Plus- Bedford was opened in 2011. Since the opening, this agency has enriched the lives of many community members though various community outreach events such as parades. This team is well known by thier clients. 

Proudly Partnered with and accredited by:

Virginia Association of Personal Care Providers

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