What Our Clients & Caregivers Are Saying About AmeriCare Plus

No one plans to need a caregiver for ones they love. When it happens, the last thing you want are strangers handling your precious loved one. How lucky we were to reach out to Melissa at Americare Plus. Not only was Melissa experienced with the needs we were looking for, she made it easy for us to exhale. Every caregiver that was in charge of our Mom, came and handled her with patience, respect, kindness and love. And I mean every caregiver. We don’t know what families would do if they didn’t have Americare Plus to rely on.

We were blessed beyond belief and are so thankful to everyone at Americare Plus. Our mother passed in February and thankfully she was able to stay in her home of 50 years, until the end. Thanks Americare for allowing her to be in her happy place and for giving our concerned hearts relief, because of your constant care.”

– The Reid Siblings