What is Personal Care?

Personal Care services are support services that allow you to ensure your loved one's needs are being met in bathing, dressing, nutritional management, and even social outings.

You can't always be there, but we can fill the gap.

  • In Home Personal Care

  • Live In Services 

  • Homemaker Services

  • Companion Care

  • Pet Assistance

  • Mother's Helper

Better care starts with you!

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Caregiver Spotlight

Nadene Gutierrez

My name is Nadene Gutierrez and I have been a caregiver since 2007, however, I have never felt as cared for as I have over the past year while working for AmeriCare Plus - Charlottesville/Fishersville.  I feel cared for by my Team Teal family because they provide me with what I need to be a successful caregiver such as PPE, ongoing training in uncertain times and days off when I need to care for my own family.  The Team Teal Family has, in many ways, become part of my family as well.  AmeriCare Plus is advocating for you even when you don’t know it for things such as better pay, hazard pay and healthcare.  With so much negative in the world, AmeriCare Plus is the positive in my life and helps me spread the positivity into my everyday life and everyday caregiving.  Working for a company that cares about its caregivers is worth more than anything else especially during a global pandemic.

My fondest memory as a caregiver is that I was able to encourage and assist a non-ambulatory client to first have the motivation to not give up and to get out of bed and have meals at the table.  I also enjoyed continuing to provide assistance to them in the process of regaining the strength and ability to walk, enabling them to walk across a room after being non ambulatory for 2 years.   I care for my clients as if they are family because we spend so much time together and their house becomes a second home.  Every day I wake up knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life even if I consider it to be a small gesture it can seem grand to them.  Each day my clients receive companionship, personal care assistance, a good home cooked meal, housekeeping services, shopping and a positive encounter with someone that truly cares about their wellbeing and safety.

Tomeka Johnson

My name is Tomeka Johnson; I live in Orange and work for AmeriCare Plus – Orange.  I have been a caregiver with AmeriCare Plus since 2012.  I joined the Team Teal family after losing my previous job and finding out I had to have heart surgery.  After my heart surgery, I was taken care of by both male and female caregivers during my recovery and I experienced firsthand the importance of the care in home healthcare workers provide. I then decided that I wanted to become a caregiver too and joined AmeriCare Plus – Orange.   I had the opportunity to complete the PCA class with AmeriCare Plus and achieve my dream of becoming a Caregiver.  I never thought in a million years I would be able to have a career helping others; this was also a dream of my mother’s she was never able to fulfill.


At the end of each day you have to have a smile because you know you are doing something for someone else that really matters and allows them to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Client & Family Testimonials

My mother-in-law started needing 24 hour care seven months ago in January. Our regular 24 hour AmeriCare caregiver, Martha, was an extraordinarily loving, patient, self-sacrificing person. Martha's care for my mother-in-law allowed her to spend her final months at home in comfort. We felt deeply fortunate to have found her through Jackie at AmeriCare Plus. Jackie was always extremely kind, upbeat, and professional, and was quick to help us figure out all our care needs.


AmeriCare Plus - Lexingotn

" I really appreciate AmeriCare Plus and all the aides have helped me with my daily needs in my home. Without the aides, I would not be able to stay in my own home."

Mary Kay

AmeriCare Plus - Charlottesville, VA

"Our presence in her home and the care we gave was top quality and would recommend our Agency to others because she experienced firsthand what the PLUS stands for.” 


AmeriCare Plus - Bedford, VA

“I cant say enough on how much you all have done for my Mom. You all have been there for her and for me. Anytime I had a question, you would answer it for me and you know the answer then, you always would call me back. You showed my Mom respect and she never felt like someone was doing her a favor, but wanted her to stay independent as long as possible.


I dont know what I would have done without you all. You offered to help me with things I didn't know that she was able to receive and always were there for both of us.


I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Thanks again, and again”


AmeriCare Plus - Norfolk, VA

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