Perhaps the most challenging decision many adult children will ever have is whether to continue caring for an aging parent at home or transition them to an assisted living facility. Both types of care have their pros and cons. Let’s look at each and make your decision easier if you ever face this situation.

The Pros of Home Care

  • Seniors can remain in the comfort of their homes as they age.
  • The care recipient and their family can select their caregiver.
  • Personalized one-on-one care tailored to the aging adult’s unique needs and preferences.
  • The family can choose and monitor interactions between their loved one and their caregiver.
  • Seniors often develop special bonds with their caregivers.
  • Provides greater flexibility in the lives of family members.

The Cons of Home Care

  • Home modifications are sometimes necessary.
  • The risk for social isolation increases, which can result in depression, anxiety, or cognitive decline.
  • Managing caregivers requires family involvement.

The Pros of Assisted Living

  • Modifications to the home aren’t necessary.
  • No need for the family to be concerned with selecting, scheduling, and managing caregivers.
  • It allows older adults to socialize with other residents.

The Cons of Assisted Living

  • Seniors have to leave the home they’ve lived in for many years.
  • Residents can feel stressed and uncomfortable in a new environment and may take time to adjust.
  • The cost is higher than home care because it includes room and board.
  • There is a risk of insufficient care for patients with specific medical conditions.

Home Care As a Transition

For many families, home care is a transition from total independence for their loved one to partial independence. Their loved one isn’t yet ready to move out of their home (nor is it necessary), but they need some assistance with daily living.

Signs that it’s time for an aging adult to receive home care include:

  • Increasing forgetfulness
  • Poor eating habits
  • Frequent falls and accidents
  • Changes in walking and mobility
  • Poor hygiene
  • Pets and plants are being neglected
  • Housekeeping has become lax
  • Not remembering to take meds

A decline in one or more of these areas is cause for concern over the well-being of a senior. It should be addressed immediately as the aging process will only lead to further declines in physical and cognitive health.

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