Most full-time family caregivers assume their role and carry out their responsibilities with little or no help from family members or friends. Unfortunately, this often takes its toll and adversely affects their physical and/or mental health. To stay healthy and avoid “caregiver burnout,” family caregivers should regularly utilize “respite care” services from a certified home health agency. Respite care offers short-term relief and cares for family caregivers by having a professional caregiver tend to the needs of a family member while the primary caregiver gets a much-needed and well-deserved break.

Many family caregivers aren’t aware that respite care is even an option and offers many benefits for caregivers, including:

Provides a break to focus on self-care

Family caregivers often must split time between caregiving, career responsibilities, and caring for their spouse and children. This can make it challenging to focus on self-care, such as exercising, enjoying a spa day, catching up on rest, or pursuing other relaxing activities they enjoy.

Boosts mood

Continuously caring for an aging adult can affect the mental health of a family caregiver. Being in this role often causes a caregiver to forego their social life and lose contact with their support system. Respite care allows family caregivers to stay connected to the people who mean the most to them, which is a natural mood-booster.

Provides caregiving tips

In addition to giving a caregiver a nice break from their caregiving duties, a respite caregiver can also provide tips to simplify a caregiver’s role going forward. Most family caregivers have received little or no training and are learning as they go. A respite caregiver can guide on enhancing a family member’s health and tips on preventing caregiver burnout.

Enables family caregivers to take extended breaks

Sometimes a family caregiver needs more than a long weekend off. They need extended time to vacation with family and friends, participate in community activities, or catch up on personal goals. Agencies like AmeriCare Plus help family caregivers take extended breaks without worrying about their loved ones being alone.

Provides family caregivers peace of mind

Knowing that a trained professional is caring for their loved ones while they rest and recharge their batteries gives family caregivers peace of mind. Many family caregivers are reluctant to place the well-being of a loved one in the hands of well-meaning friends or loved ones; they prefer to have a professional caring for their family member. This can help a caregiver more fully relax when they’re taking a break and provide better care upon their return.

AmeriCare Plus Home Care Can Help You With Respite Care

Our respite caregivers are here for you. They’ll temporarily take over caring for your loved ones, focusing on maintaining a normal daily routine and keeping them safe and comfortable.

We’re available for families throughout Gloucester, the Isle of Wight, Orange, and many other locations throughout Virginia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today and let our team customize an affordable hourly, daily, or weekly in-home plan that will fit your busy schedule.

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