Climate change is affecting everyone worldwide, including residents here in our home state of Virginia. Summers are getting hotter and longer, and storms are more intense. The National Weather Service says we’re likely to have longer hurricane seasons, which means that Virginia has an increased chance of being affected. You probably know from experience that intense storms in Virginia can bring high winds, cause heavy flooding, and spawn a tornado. This makes it imperative that everyone is prepared for emergencies by having an emergency preparedness checklist. Caregivers should also have a checklist in place. Seniors receiving care often have special needs that must be considered in an emergency. Team Teal at AmeriCare Plus has experience with medical emergencies and natural disasters, and we offer these suggestions to help create an Emergency Checklist for Caregivers.

Health Information

In the event of an emergency, your senior may need medical treatment. You’ll need to inform doctors and hospitals of your loved one’s current state of health and their insurance information. Be sure to have:

  • A list of all prescriptions
  • List of existing health conditions
  • Names and phone numbers of the primary care doctor, any specialists, and their pharmacy
  • Health insurance card (copy)

Keep these documents in a readily accessible location in a waterproof container or Ziploc bag.

Essential Documents

During an emergency, you may need to produce proof of decisions your senior has made regarding their care. Have these documents copied and added to your emergency file:

  • Living will
  • Trusts
  • Marriage certificate
  • Do not resuscitate order
  • A durable power of attorney

Your professional caregiver should also know where your emergency file is kept in case they’re present during an emergency.

Financial Information

As a family caregiver, you may need to handle your loved one’s financial affairs during a health emergency. Make sure you have access to:

  • A financial durable power of attorney
  • Mortgage Information
  • Car title and auto loan information
  • Lease agreement (if renting)
  • List of all accounts, including utilities and due dates for payments
  • Bank account information
  • Usernames and passwords for online banking and bill-paying accounts

Personal Contact Information

During any emergency situation, reaching loved ones quickly is imperative. Have this personal contact information readily available:

  • Names and phone numbers of close family and friends
  • Contact information for all other caregivers
  • Name and phone number of clergy of a preferred religious organization
  • List of people to be notified during a health crisis

Around The Clock Care from AmeriCare Plus

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