I feel cared for by my Team Teal family because they provide me with what I need to be a successful caregiver such as PPE, ongoing training in uncertain times, and days off when I need to care for my own family. The Team Teal Family has, in many ways, become part of my family as well. AmeriCare Plus is advocating for you even when you don’t know it for things such as better pay, hazard pay, and healthcare. With so much negativity in the world, AmeriCare Plus is the positive in my life and helps me spread the positivity into my everyday life and everyday caregiving. Working for a company that cares about its caregivers is worth more than anything else especially during a global pandemic.

My fondest memory as a caregiver is that I was able to encourage and assist a non-ambulatory client to first have the motivation to not give up and to get out of bed and have meals at the table. I also enjoyed continuing to provide assistance to them in the process of regaining the strength and ability to walk, enabling them to walk across a room after being non-ambulatory for 2 years. I care for my clients as if they are family because we spend so much time together and their house becomes a second home. Every day I wake up knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life even if I consider it to be a small gesture it can seem grand to them. Each day my clients receive companionship, personal care assistance, a good home-cooked meal, housekeeping services, shopping, and a positive encounter with someone that truly cares about their wellbeing and safety.

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