In America, we love our veterans and are grateful for their service. Because of this, many employers want to hire veterans, and in some cases, the government provides incentives for them to do so. Veterans bring a lot to the table when it comes to being employees after they leave the service. They work great with a team, are self-disciplined, and will work steadfastly until the job is done. For these reasons and more, home health care agencies love hiring veterans, and many of them are choosing home care as their next career. What is it that is drawing our vets to this life-changing career? Here are five reasons:

Veterans love to serve others

They call the military “the service” for a reason. Vets love to serve. Many join because they have a sense of duty to our country and its citizens to protect our freedom. Having been in the military, they understand the selflessness needed to care for someone else, such as an aging adult who needs care, and they’re excellent at it.

Veterans enjoy working with a team

One of the greatest joys a veteran experiences while serving in the military is being part of a cohesive unit. Many times, in drills and combat situations, they put their lives in the hands of another soldier, and vice-versa. As a result, veterans are gravitating towards home care agencies and the caregiver career because of the cohesiveness a well-run agency provides its caregivers.

Veterans appreciate the flexibility the career offers

One of the major benefits of the caregiver career is the flexibility of deciding if you want to work part-time, full-time, mornings, afternoons, evenings, etc. Our veterans didn’t have quite this much flexibility while serving, and they find it to be one of the primary reasons they are gravitating towards the career.

They enjoy having a career path

Veterans are trained to advance in their careers. Achieving a promotion to the next rank is one of the highlights of their military career, and they see the possibilities of advancement in the home care industry as a real plus. They recognize that they can earn pay increases and obtain certifications and designations that represent their commitment and desire to grow in the industry as they advance in pay, position, and prestige.

Veterans love the challenge of being a caregiver

Veterans didn’t choose an easy path when they joined the military. They chose to be challenged physically and mentally when they decided to serve, and they love that caregiving gives them some of the same challenges. The caregiver career fulfills their need to be physically fit to lift clients when necessary and be mentally sharp at all times to provide safety and security for their care recipient.

AmeriCare Plus is proud to have veterans join our caregiving team and pursue a career with us. We offer competitive pay, flexibility with assignments and hours, and a team environment.

Contact us today to find out how you can start your journey as a professional caregiver. We have plenty of opportunities for you to serve, and we look forward to visiting with you.

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