If you have a parent or senior loved one at the stage in life where they need home care, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that there are now over 55 million people in the U.S. age 65 and older, with another 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day. As seniors age, their physical and cognitive abilities often decline, necessitating the need for some type of care. AARP studies show that over 80% of seniors prefer to receive care where they’re most comfortable – at home. This means that many families are trying to find caregivers every day. Most families prefer to engage a caregiver through a home care agency in Virginia because of the many advantages agencies provide, including:

  • Home care is the most cost-effective healthcare delivery as there are no room and board costs compared to nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other institutional care settings.
  • Home care promotes healing, as studies have shown that patients recover faster in the comfort of their homes.
  • Home care offers individualized services tailored to the client’s health care needs and finances.
  • Home care reinforces and supplements care from the client’s family and friends.

After you’ve decided that home care is the right option for your loved one, you’ll need to select the best home care agency. Here are four steps that will help.

Ask your doctor, family, and friends

Getting a referral from someone you trust to a professional home care agency is one of the best ways to find the agency you’re looking for. Trusted friends are always willing to steer you in the right direction, whether to a movie, restaurant, or a good book. Ask them if they or someone they know has had a positive experience with a home care agency. You never know until you ask.

Assess your loved one’s needs

To find the best caregiver, you first need to know the care services your senior loved one needs.  Do they need personal care, such as help with eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.? Do they need companion care to help keep them socially connected and not end up spending most of their hours or days alone? Do you need respite care where a caregiver can give you a break a couple of hours a day or several days per week?

Once you’ve assessed their needs (and yours as a family caregiver), you’re better suited to ask questions concerning the type of care the agencies you’re considering the offer.

Know your budget

Price is often a consideration for families searching for a caregiver and agency. Although home care is the most reasonably priced option for senior care, the cost can add up.

The best way to not go over your budget for home care is first to establish a budget. Based on the hourly rate, how many hours can you afford per week? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but it’s an important one because you need to be able to pay for a caregiver to be with your loved one consistently.

Involve your loved one in your selection

Because your parent or aging adult in your life will be spending considerable time with a caregiver in their home, involving them in your final selection will help them be more comfortable accepting home care and enjoying time with their caregiver. In addition, letting them have a voice in the decision will help them feel that they aren’t having home care or a caregiver forced upon them, making it a much better situation for everyone involved.

For over 26 years, families have overwhelmingly found AmeriCare Plus to be the best home care agency in Virginia. Their confidence and support have helped us grow to have 10 locations throughout the state and help thousands of seniors and their families.

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