As parents grow older, it’s natural for children to worry about how they’ll get along from day to day. This is especially true as Mom or Dad become more forgetful and are increasingly vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Over time, it can eventually become evident that they need some type of senior care. In days past, when seniors started to decline physically and cognitively, moving them to a nursing home was almost an automatic reaction by concerned children. However, today, more seniors and their family members are choosing home care than ever before. Here are eight reasons why more and more seniors are opting for home care in Hayes:

One-on-one attention

Professional home caregivers can give their client’s the personalized attention they need and deserve. In nursing homes, the seniors easily outnumber the caregivers, so they have to wait their turn for the attention of the aides.

Seniors are more comfortable at home

There is no substitute for the comfort of a favorite chair or couch or the view from a favorite window in the house. Familiarity is very important to seniors, and the familiar feeling of being home keeps older adults feeling safe and secure.

Seniors staying at home tend to live longer

Studies have shown that seniors who continue to live at home live longer than those who live in nursing homes. Additionally, they tend to be mentally and physically healthier compared to nursing home residents.

Seniors at home heal quicker

Studies have also shown that seniors heal faster at home after being discharged from the hospital, and readmission rates are also lower. In addition, the exposure to germs and rates of infections are lessened for seniors living in their own homes.

Services can be customized for seniors receiving home care

Quality home care agencies offer free assessments for seniors and families interested in receiving home care, from which they develop a personalized care plan. The “one size fits all” approach used by nursing homes doesn’t apply to home care.

Nursing home care is often more expensive than home care

Even if a senior needs care 8 hours daily, it is usually significantly less costly than nursing homes with live-in facilities. Many seniors in nursing homes also don’t need to be paid for services and equipment they don’t need or use.

Family and friends can visit anytime with home care

Unlike nursing homes that restrict visiting hours, family and friends can drop by anytime they like when a senior lives at home. And home caregivers can drive the senior they’re caring for to visit friends or participate in other activities.

They can keep their pets

Many seniors are attached to their pets and can’t imagine moving into a nursing home where pets aren’t allowed. Being separated from their pets can be traumatic for seniors emotionally and physically, which doesn’t happen if they age in place at home.

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