If you’ve ever been a patient in the hospital, you’ve hopefully seen a coordinated effort by a team of professionals dedicated to patient care. On that onsite team were administrative personnel (admitting/billing), nurses, doctors, lab technicians, orderlies, and more. By working together and communicating effectively, they restored you to good health, and you hopefully returned home quickly. A team approach to home care is every bit as important as it is to care in a facility. The team members are a bit different and include:

  • The family caregiver
  • The home care agency
  • The professional caregiver
  • The client’s doctor and other healthcare professionals
  • The care recipient

Before looking at this roster, you may not have thought of all of the people who are involved with the team, and maybe didn’t even think of them as a team. But, consider this – your loved one will receive better care if the professionals on their team communicate effectively and work together to optimize patient care.

The Importance of a Team Approach

Let us provide you with an example of the team approach in action.

Marie, a senior home care client, was hospitalized for three days with a severe urinary tract infection. She was treated by her primary care physician, who coordinated her in-hospital care.

Upon her release, her home care agency sprang into action with its post-operative care program. This team consisted of:

  • The home care agency that selected the professional team members
  • A Registered Nurse (R.N.) who interfaced with the client’s healthcare providers to ensure medications and follow-up treatment were given as directed by the doctor
  • A professional caregiver who provided transportation assistance, medication reminders, personal care assistance, transfer and ambulation assistance, and more
  • The family caregiver
  • Marie

You’ll notice that the family caregiver and care recipient are also valuable team members. The family caregiver helps with initial care setup, implementation, and delivery. In addition, they are kept fully informed of the client’s progress and alerted by the caregiver and agency if there are any concerns.

The care recipient is also an important team member. They are made to feel valued and heard. Their opinion matters, though the professionals and family caregivers will have the final say in care decisions.

In this case, Marie experienced a rapid recovery without complications and continues to live happily at home.

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