Helen has been an aide with me for almost a year now she came on as a companion aide and then took the PCA class. Helen has worked a lot of my difficult hospice private pay cases as well as VA clients and I have never heard any negative feedback from her clients at all. On the first of March, I opened a fairly large private pay case on a Thursday that had to be started Friday with a large 13.5 hour overnight shift. Between Helen and one of my other aides Francesca Norman, we were able to start the case without a glitch. After the family met Helen they called and requested her to be their father’s permeant aide. Over the last few weeks, Helen has been working 13.5-hour rotating shifts for daily light shifts as well as overnights.

This past Saturday I received a call from Helen that her client a passed away. Yesterday Monday 3/21/2016 I received a call from the client’s son Thanking us for all of our hard work and being so prompt in getting services started and for sending Helen. The son stated that Helen was a God sent and that we could not have found a better fit for his father and they were so grateful to have her there with his father. So to that Thank you Helen for all your hard work and dedication!

-Rachel Byers

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