I just wanted to send a note about Armanda. In the 2 years that she was taking care of my mother, we were very pleased with her. Mom had dementia so Armanda would never know what to expect when she arrived each day, it could be lots of love, lots of fussing and at the end lots of tears. It didn’t matter what she was confronted with she was very competent and handled whatever task was needed with knowledge and kindness.

When it was time for hospice, she and Rachel, the hospice nurse, became a great team to do whatever needed to be done, always with Mom’s best interest and comfort first priority up until her last days. We trusted her completely and she always came through.

Please put this note in her personnel file and know that if she needs any sort of reference I will be happy to do what I can to help her.

Armanda is a wonderful person, a hard and very caring worker, we all miss her and wish her the very best.

Great job Norfolk!!

-Daughter of Norfolk Client

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